Sunday, December 09, 2007

TED & Rev. Tom Honey on God

I've been meaning for some time to post on a wonderful website of which my brother made me aware. It's called 'TED' (www.ted.com), which stands for: technology, engineering, and design. However, its topic is more broad than one would imagine, for all three of these terms are meant in their widest possible sense. In effect, the site features talks by some of the world's best professionals and thinkers in a wide variety of fields. The talks are always stimulating and deal with cutting-edge ideas. I can't recommend this site enough.

But this post is about one talk in particular. Under the section 'Is there a God' one will find a good assortment of speakers. But the presentation that I thought most profound was Rev. Tom Honey's. Honey is a vicar in the Church of England. He addressed his deep questions on God in the wake of the south Asian tsunami of 2004. Rarely have I seen such humble and honest introspection; such personal integrity and sincerity in a public presentation. In addition, Honey's ideas are stimulating and moving, his conclusion possibly the best that we see in the future evolution of human religion. I look forward to his continued exploration of these thoughts.

His conclusions in the last segment are worthy of quoting, but I'd prefer not to spoil his presentation, and recommend viewers simply watch the whole (nearly) 20 minutes.


Blogger Vokat said...

I felt the same way.

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Blogger DT Strain said...

Thanks Vokat :)

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Blogger Amanda Williamson said...

Just found this TED Talk today. Rev Tom Honey is the vicar at my local church and I served on the local school's governing body with him until recently. I had a very interesting discussion with him after my daughter's Christmas play last year. I am pantheist. I was surprised at how much viewpoint we shared and it made me return to a fantasy I have had for a while - a church where you go regardless of what you believe in, even as non-believers. I don't go to Church by the way. Watching this video was a real eye-opener for me - Tom Honey is prepared to go out on a limb with his reflections of the complexities and ethereal nature of spirituality.

Alain de Botton shares this vision too, it seems. Also on TED: http://www.ted.com/talks/alain_de_botton_atheism_2_0.html

And this is me:


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