Monday, December 05, 2005

The Shimmering Voice

by DT Strain

There is a voice that shimmers
in the deep dark light.
It calls me hither,
destroys my sight.

There is a voice that shimmers
in the deep dark light.
It sounds so sweet,
so warm, so right.

It soothes me over
and brings me in
and pierces flesh
and covers sin.

There is a voice that shimmers
in the deep dark light.
it leads me toward
its blinding bright;
its peaceful sword;
its praise of might.

To step away
from deep light dark
would cast me out
of comfort's ark.

T'would set my sail
toward unknown shores
where doubt consumes,
where questions roar;
where fully free,
unfettered mind,
I'd finally be
from deep dark's bind.

There is a voice that glimmers
in the deep dark light,
that offers hope
through foggy sight.

To lose that hope
and take a breath
of unspoiled air,
of certain death;
to live for life
instead of fear
of deep dark's light
still drawing near
would be worthwhile,
a noble choice,
and silence at last
the shimmering voice.


Anonymous Connor M. said...

Hey, I really like your site/blog! There is some very interesting material in here... I went through a bunch of the previous months. Actually I was wondering if you could email me a higher resolution image of the stoic symbol that is posted back in May 2005? I'm doing a project for school and I think that would be really interesting to include. email is comoyer@mines.edu, Thanks!!!

10:30 PM  
Blogger DT Strain said...

Hi Connor,

Thanks much for your kind comments on my sites :)

No problem on the emblem. Since this is for a report I'm assuming you'll be printing it out. In that case, I'll send you the one with the white background for printing...

Take care!

4:00 AM  

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